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Choc White Parti Labradoodle Female with Non-Shedding Fleece Coat

Brown and White Parti Labradoodle

Brown and white parti labradoodle female labradoodle pawprint Call Name: Tira
labradoodle pawprint Size: Standard
labradoodle pawprint Coat: Soft Fleece
labradoodle pawprint Color: Chocolate and White Parti
labradoodle pawprint Health Results:

PennHip 60th percentile, No DJD, vWD clear, prcd-PRA Type A, Cardiac - normal, Thyroid - normal, Cerf - normal

Completed Level II Obedience, Canine Good Citizen Award, Current Therapy Dog in training

Standard Chocolate and White Parti Fleece Labradoodle: Tira came to me from Bree at Just a Walk Home. I knew from the minute I saw her on Bree's website that she needed to come and live with me. Tira is a sweet, sweet girl and has been a joy to have around. She is so great with the kids, truly a gentle soul. But, she is also so much fun, bouncy and playful, even as an adult. She will actually throw a ball or toy for herself and chase it all around the yard when she's in the mood. We've also discovered that she loves to romp and roll in the snow. She's loveable and cuddly but not needy or pushy and has been ridiculously easy to train.

Tira is also gorgeous, maybe the most beautiful labradoodle I've seen. Her coat is perfect and so easy to maintain. She has sweet, puppy-dog eyes and great conformation. She weighs 50 pounds and measures 22" tall at the shoulder. Tira has completed two levels of obedience training, earned her good citizen certificate and now we are working toward Therapy Dog registration. She is such a dear soul and is made for this kind of work.

More Parti Pictures

Shaggy Tira in the snow. She needs a haircut but I love how she looks in a long coat.

Cute Chocolate and White Parti Labradoodle Puppy Head Tilt

Brown and White Parti Labradoodle Puppy standing

Cute Brown and White Parti Labradoodles

Praying Parti Labradoodle in Choc White Fleece

Parti Labradoodle Puppy in Chocolate and White

White Brown Chocolate Parti colored Labradoodle


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